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Inês Castro

Inês Castro

Data scientist
Portugal, Montargil, Ponte de Sor


Sobre Inês Castro:

My name is Inês and I am a data scientist. I have a background in statistics and data science for marketing and I have worked as a data analyst while taking my masters.

I have finished my studies and I am looking forward to find a job in my study area. I am a very motivated, resposible and creative person and I would love to join a team that aims to learn more each day.


I am Currently interning at the marketing lab of my university, I am actively engaged in pushing the boundaries of data-driven strategies. This role has not only exposed me to cutting-edge marketing techniques but also fortified my commitment to continuous learning and innovation.

My involvement in digital transformation, management, and volunteer projects, coupled with my work experience as a Data Scientist at Cofina Company, have equipped me with a robust understanding of real-world data applications and statistical methodologies. 


I have a strong academic foundation in statistics (bachelor) and data science for marketing (masters) , diverse practical experiences, and an unyielding passion for data-driven insights, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your dynamic team and further enhance my career in the field of data analysis and programming. 

I have participated in various Erasmus projects, including an enriching six-month venture in Italy, where I embraced multicultural environments and honed my adaptability. The exposure to diverse perspectives has strengthened my ability to approach problem-solving from different angles, a skill crucial in the realm of data science.

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