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Marco Bianchi

Marco Bianchi

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Lisbon, Lisboa


Sobre Marco Bianchi:

Imagine a big tree with its roots going down deep into the earth. This is my personality in some way. Big trees are not easy to move, unless you cut them down, so sometimes it might be quite difficult to deal with them or to manage them. I am single-minded, goal orientated and can be rather stubborn and pushy in order to achieve my goals.

I can be straightforward with my actions and talking and you can always rely on me to tell you a bold truth. Although from the outside I might seem tough, from the inside I can be very kind and always keen to help people.

I like to make fast decisions and I don’t have patience to dwell on things; I am a subjective thinker and it’s hard for me to make distance from a situation.

Generally I am very keen to see things through, and after some time people will notice how much I have been taking over, almost unnoticeably, day by day.


My previous and more significant work experiences - like the one in a large bookstore in the heart of Milan - have led me to develop skills for live interaction with people. In recent years I have gained customer care experience in outsourcing companies whose clients were among the largest companies in e-commerce and social media fields; I was also able to take care of the back office for a banking-insurance company, from anti-money laundering to after-sales management to insurance ascertainments.

I also had a short experience in customer support for a payment processor, and lately I had the opportunity to deal with the technological field, putting my characteristics to good use in an Artificial Intelligence project, as a data annotator.

I am serious in my work, and my creative ideas can make me feel at ease, since jobs that require a delicate mind, carefulness and good observation ability are generally suitable for me.


• Grammar school (Diploma in classical studies)

• Graduation course - not completed - Foreign languages (Languages and cultures of Scandinavia)

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