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Ethan Graca


Sobre Ethan Graca:

About Me:

Hello, my name is Ethan Mathew Graça, and I am excited to submit my application. With a strong background as a waiter and barista, I have developed a deep passion for providing exceptional customer service and crafting delightful coffee experiences. Having honed my skills at the esteemed coffee shop, "The Coffee Boss," I am confident in my ability to contribute to your team and uphold the highest standards of service.

During my time at The Coffee Boss, I gained invaluable experience in both front-of-house and back-of-house operations. As a waiter, I was responsible for creating a welcoming atmosphere, taking orders, and ensuring customer satisfaction. I developed strong interpersonal and communication skills, enabling me to connect with customers and anticipate their needs effectively. I genuinely enjoy being around people and meeting new individuals, and this has allowed me to create positive connections and gain valuable experiences throughout my interactions.

In addition to my waiter experience, I spent considerable time perfecting my skills as a barista at The Coffee Boss. I am well-versed in the art of brewing coffee and preparing a variety of specialty beverages. I have a thorough understanding of coffee beans, their origins, and different brewing methods. With this knowledge, I can confidently engage in conversations with coffee enthusiasts and offer personalized recommendations based on their preferences.

What sets me apart is my genuine passion for providing exceptional customer experiences. I thrive in fast-paced environments and take pride in my ability to multitask effectively, ensuring that every customer receives prompt and personalized service. I am a team player who values open communication and collaboration, and I believe that a positive work environment is crucial for both customer satisfaction and employee morale.

I truly enjoy being around people and thrive on the opportunity to meet new individuals. I find great fulfillment in creating meaningful connections and gaining unique experiences through these interactions. My outgoing personality and eagerness to learn allow me to adapt quickly to diverse environments, making me a valuable asset to any team.

I would like to note that I do not speak Portuguese fluently. However, I am highly proficient in English and comfortable engaging with customers and colleagues in English-speaking environments.

As a dedicated professional, I am always eager to learn and grow. I am confident that my experience, combined with my enthusiasm for the industry and my love for connecting with people, would make me a valuable asset to your team. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute my skills and passion to help any company  continue to thrive.



I have a diverse range of experience across different fields. Firstly, I have worked in the technology industry, specifically building computers for 2 years, which has given me a strong foundation in hardware and technical knowledge.

Secondly, I have worked as a barista and waiter for a year and a half at The Coffee Boss, where I honed my customer service skills and developed a deep passion for creating exceptional coffee experiences. I gained expertise in brewing coffee, preparing specialty beverages, and providing outstanding service to customers.

Lastly, I have experience as a shopfitter for Back Draft Designs, where I worked on various projects for 3 years involving the construction and installation of fixtures and fittings for retail spaces. This role allowed me to develop practical skills in carpentry, problem-solving, and attention to detail.

Through my diverse experiences, I have acquired a versatile skill set, including technical expertise, customer service proficiency, and practical construction skills. I am eager to apply these skills and contribute to new challenges and opportunities in my next role.



I attended Glenvista Highschool in South Africa, where I successfully completed my high school education and matriculated.from there i went straight into the workforce 

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