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Hugo Lourenço

Hugo Lourenço

Developer full stack
Lisbon, Lisboa


Serviços oferecidos €30 / hora

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Sobre Hugo Lourenço:


My name is Hugo Lourenço, I’m a Software developer and I am applying/available for a job. Located in Porto, Portugal - London/Lisbon GMT time, I'm fully open to any remote, on site with relocation or other regime/role.

Now, first things first of course, so, let me thank you firme reading my application, I promise this presentation letter will not take you much time, 2 min, not more, you will see.

Beside a programme, I am also a Portuguese Navy Marine Sea Coast Lifeguard, you can check details on that at my detailed profile below in the CV/resume.

Presenting myself very briefly, let me say that I started my professional career in Information technology and digital Electronics,
developing microprocessor and microcontroller circuits and low level IT.
Then, went for more pure and high level forms of IT.
Since then, I kept continuously trying to increase my skills within the scope of
some of the upfront and innovative technologies either front-end or back-end and native or hybrid mobile.
More recently, I have been also dedicated to quality assurance, automation, E2E, API, load, performance and security tests,
not forgetting CI/CD.

Here and there, I have worked both onsite and remotely in different projects, different teams,
different companies, with a wide scope of time zones, cultures and countries going from US Pacific time,
to Europe until Australia (it can’t be harder than Australia at my GMT).

I think I’ve a profile that may match the technologies you require but I leave that to your analysis of course.
On that, trying to ease your job here, I’ve compiled some information about my recent works and put it available on the
attached/below resume OK?

Please do the proper check/uncheck, hoping that way, you will be able to get to know me a little better in terms of professional background,
knowledge of a few specific technologies just as my strongest and weakest skills.

Now, the truth is that I was lucky to have the opportunity to develop and participate in small and big projects,
like platforms, sites, API's and mobile Apps... some with more than 50 million users/installs and I'm kind of proud of it but above all very grateful to have learned with so many people around the world.

Technically speaking, frankly, I believe that I've good experience in more than one information technology…
but again, tell me your thoughts.

I don't want to repeat myself with too much use of “I”, “I”, “me”, “me”, “my” sounding narcisistic, hahaha, ridiculous.

Finally (the saga is almost over)
Coming to the end of this brief presentation, I’m convinced it would be really great to work with you guys and continue my professional growth and my learnings.
I'm positive that I also have very good social interaction skills and possiblee integration in the company would work very well, really!

A win to win relation.

Let me ofer you some degree and good level of experience on my side, with a wide landscape of software architectures/patterns, db and general IT design.
At a small scale, in a humble way, I wish I'll add a little more value to your already valuable company and projects.

Surely it may help you to achieve your goals and a good like other members in the team, honest and successful work collaboration with a positive attitude.
I'm up to the job guys!

Perhaps we could have a call and have a peek on how this could work?

Here is my sincere thank you in advance and my wish of success and looking forward to hearing more from you :)...
this it's not just another job application, no sir ;)

Let me know your thoughts.
Was it a 2 min reading or was it not?

Hugo Lourenço


Worked for companies like BOSCH, TAKEDA in technologies (or platforms) like Android, iOS, PHP, JAVA and worked also as QA with Test and Automation, with Selenium based suites, Cypress and also Load and performance Tests, just as security and penetration testing. 


Post graduation in Java/Oracle, graduation in Biomedical Engineering at Inversity of Minho, PT and participated in Phoenix Mission to Mars from University of Arizona, NASA JPL and Planetary Society. Studied digital electronics and IT in hi-school.

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